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Re: Preview Makro 2.00

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          Richard Ashbery <richard.ashbery@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> In article <72e4c07858.fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx>, Fred Graute
> <fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Please give Makro 2.00 a try and report any bugs you find so that
> > they can be fixed before a formal release is made. Comments and
> > suggestions are also welcome, of course.


> I've added a set of boot opendirs macros but I forgot to add one in
> the middle of the block. How difficult would it be to move the lower
> block down by one slab to make room for another.

Not too difficult but there are some things to consider. How do we
indicate that we want to insert a macro instead of changing one?
Shift-drag maybe?

What to do if the set is already completely full? Give a warning?
Silently drop the last macro?

> OK I've found a way by using the Edit set... option which opens a
> textfile containing the data for all the selected slabs. Locate
> position where the new slab information needs to go and type in new
> macro details. Save the textfile.

Yes, that's the easiest way to achieve this.

> It would be even better (perhaps) to be able to edit the slabs directly
> from the Makro window. Example select all lower slabs and then drag them
> down by a single slab. I think this would be quite challenging to do and
> may be of limited use to users. Nevertheless it would be interesting to
> hear your thoughts.

Similar questions here as above.

> Could Makro window be widened by say 5-6 characters. Having seen the
> limitations section for the name size (limited to 20 characters) this
> may not be possible.

The maximum size for macro names is 31 chars but this can be changed by
editing the source and the resource file. There is an updated version of
Makro 2.00 available now which allows the width of the main window to be
specified (Iconbar menu > Width...).

The width is saved along with the window's position and scroll offset
when choosing Iconbar menu > Save so is restored when Makro is started.



StrongED Developer