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Re: Mailing List Bouncing details.

On Sun, 07 Jun 2020 09:48:19 +0100
"Richard Torrens (lists)" <Lists@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> In article <587cb62e86ronanon@xxxxxxxx>,
>    Ron <ronanon@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > I have had this answered before, probably before switching to Pluto.
> > An email is received with info about a bounced message and the
> > number. It would be good if the message indicated how to retreive
> > it,  
> Good idea (why did I not think of !).  DONE! 

Will look out for it, thanks
> > Or if that is impossible maybe a a bit of help on the new StrongEd
> > info site near the archives link, would be helpful.  
> Such help exists: http://stronged.torrens.org/list/faq.html
> > BTW there is typo with the Wraith links. (Waith)  
> Thanks for pointing that out - but I need the source page URL as
> loading all /man html files into StrongED, a search for Waith finds
> no matches...

I went to stronged.torrens.org from a link at the bottom of one of your
latest posts to the mailing list.
That is where the link to Mailing list archives is and followed by
Gavin 'Waith's' Experiments Links.
The link with the FAQ is hidden (to an existing member) in the
'join us' button.

> > I have no idea why, but it appears to be mostly messages from Fred
> > that I dont get via stronged@xxxxxxxxxxx  
> This is to do with an unusually strict DMARC instructions from Fred's
> ISP which restricts relaying of his messages. I have found no cure!
> > Perhaps when I see the header It will provide a clue.
> > zoho.com does have a whitelist where I have stronged@xxxxxxxxxxx
> > though looking at the Return-Path in a header, maybe it would have
> > to be like  StrongEd+bounces-3836-ronanon=zoho.com@xxxxxxxxxxx
> > to work. With the changing ID it would need a wildcard.  
> > Thanks, Ronald  
> As it happens, Chris who owns and runs Arachsys is currently working
> on a complete update. Rather than update each package individually,
> he will be rolling out brand-new server software. He says this will
> fix the problems. But Chris is rigorous, so it's no quick job. He
> doesn'r run a standard 'nix but compiles his own from source. Last I
> heard he had found bugs by compiling the whole server to run on a
> Raspberry Pi.
Ah well, in the meantime, an address book entry for retrieving should
help, It will just need the 4 digit ID changed each use.

At least I now know there's nothing broken at my end, helps a bit
Thank you, Ronald