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Re: Mailing List Bouncing details.

In article <587cb62e86ronanon@xxxxxxxx>,
   Ron <ronanon@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I have had this answered before, probably before switching to Pluto.
> An email is received with info about a bounced message and the number.
> It would be good if the message indicated how to retreive it,

Good idea (why did I not think of !).  DONE!

> Or if that is impossible maybe a a bit of help on the new StrongEd info
> site near the archives link, would be helpful.

Such help exists: http://stronged.torrens.org/list/faq.html

> BTW there is typo with the Wraith links. (Waith)

Thanks for pointing that out - but I need the source page URL as loading
all /man html files into StrongED, a search for Waith finds no matches...

> I have no idea why, but it appears to be mostly messages from Fred
> that I dont get via stronged@xxxxxxxxxxx

This is to do with an unusually strict DMARC instructions from Fred's ISP
which restricts relaying of his messages. I have found no cure!

> Perhaps when I see the header It will provide a clue.
> zoho.com does have a whitelist where I have stronged@xxxxxxxxxxx
> though looking at the Return-Path in a header, maybe it would have
> to be like  StrongEd+bounces-3836-ronanon=zoho.com@xxxxxxxxxxx
> to work. With the changing ID it would need a wildcard.

> Thanks, Ronald

As it happens, Chris who owns and runs Arachsys is currently working on a
complete update. Rather than update each package individually, he will be
rolling out brand-new server software. He says this will fix the problems.
But Chris is rigorous, so it's no quick job. He doesn'r run a standard
'nix but compiles his own from source. Last I heard he had found bugs by
compiling the whole server to run on a Raspberry Pi.

Richard Torrens.
http://StrongED.Torrens.org for StrongED instructions (in preparation) and mailing list archives