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Re: StrongHTML mode - HTML5 update to named characters StrongHelp page

In message <bc924e7a58.ewen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
          Ewen Pring <ewen.pring@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Ewen Pring <ewen.pring@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote on 30 May 2020:
> > It can be found at the bottom of this page:
> > https://timebus.co.uk/riscos/stronged/modes/
> > Fred you are welcome to incorporate this in your mode release if people
> > are happy with it.
> Harriet and I have worked together to improve this 'Chars' manual further 
> with sub-pages etc and are now happy with it. Our final effort can be 
> found on the page above (dated yesterday).

That's definitely a lot more compact. I'm wondering if the use of red
for HTML5 only entities should be carried through in the subpages as

A minor point is the 'About this manual' page. The original version is
attributed to Joe Taylor but I believe the original page came from
Guttorm Vik's StrongHTML StrongHelp manual.

> Talking of StrongHTML mode Fred, do you have the source code available to 
> the various tool runimages (which are initiated by buttons at the top of a 
> StrongED window)? They are found in StrongHTML.Tools. If they are written 
> in BASIC I could have a stab at updating them for HTML5. If not in BASIC I 
> *may* not be able to help though, depending on 
> langugage/complexity/compiler requirements.

They are in BASIC, AppBasic to be precise, but are heavily compressed
(via StrongBS) and wrapped into an Absolute filetype. There are no plain
sources present. Changing them is therefore difficult so one would have
to try to get in touch with Joe Taylor to see if he's willing and able
to provide the sources, or recreate the tools based on their behaviour.

Some (4, I believe) of the simpler ones I have recreated a while ago but
the more complex ones still need doing. The ones done need more work to
make them really robust. Also the technique used (different from Joe's)
would need to be evaluated.


StrongED Developer