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Re: Preview Makro 2.00

In article <72e4c07858.fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx>, Fred Graute
<fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Please give Makro 2.00 a try and report any bugs you find so that
> they can be fixed before a formal release is made. Comments and
> suggestions are also welcome, of course.

Hi Fred

Surprised nobody else has responded to you request but here's mine...

Thanks for updating a rather neat little program. Everything seems to
work correctly. Some excellent improvements :-)

Dragging an object (eg app/directories etc) over a slab where path is
set automatically greatly simplifies process of building a set of macros
:-) With regard to launcher what about a sprite picture alongside
application name? No only joking!!!

I've added a set of boot opendirs macros but I forgot to add one in
the middle of the block. How difficult would it be to move the lower
block down by one slab to make room for another. OK I've found a way
by using the Edit set... option which opens a textfile containing
the data for all the selected slabs. Locate position where the new slab
information needs to go and type in new macro details. Save the

It would be even better (perhaps) to be able to edit the slabs directly
from the Makro window. Example select all lower slabs and then drag them
down by a single slab. I think this would be quite challenging to do and
may be of limited use to users. Nevertheless it would be interesting to
hear your thoughts.

Could Makro window be widened by say 5-6 characters. Having seen the
limitations section for the name size (limited to 20 characters) this
may not be possible.

Best regards