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StrongHTML mode - HTML5 update to named characters StrongHelp page

Hi list,

I have updated a page of the StrongHelp manual for the StrongHTML mode.

This 'Named Characters' page allows insertion of named character entities 
via links into HTML code, and was created or last changed in 1998.

I have improved it and updated it for all the characters which can also be 
displayed by RISC OS Latin1 fonts (except most of the characters 
accessible by keypresses on all PC keyboards).

Where an entity was introduced in HTML5 this is noted (if you use these in 
HTML4 it won't be valid).

It can be found at the bottom of this page:

Fred you are welcome to incorporate this in your mode release if people 
are happy with it.

The only thing is, sorry about the amount of screen space it takes up! It 
could be split into sub-pages to reduce the size but that is beyond my 
knowledge, perhaps someone else might want to have a go.


Ewen Pring, St. Albans, Herts
using RISC OS 5