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Preview Makro 2.00

Dear All,

A preview of Makro v2.00 is now available. It is very close to the
release version with only a few minor things left to do.

Before going into what's changed, a thank you to David Thomas who was
very surprised that Makro was still being used when I contacted him to
ask his permission to release of an updated version of Makro.

David has kindly given me his permission to release my updated version
of Makro, and for the licence to be changed to BSD-3.

What's changed

The name has been changed back to Makro as Makro2 was only a temporary
name until permission to distribute was granted. The version number has
been bumped up to 2.00 as it's pretty much a complete rewrite.

For the most part this version is the same as the last Makro2 but with
some niceties added that should make Makro even easier to use.

Use of Choices

When Choices directory is available the Choices file and Sets directory
are copied to it, if not already there. If the Choices directory isn't
there then the application directory is used (as before).

The Sets directory can be accessed through a new menu entry (see below).
This will use the active Sets directory and should be used in preference
to using the Filer to open the directory.

StrongHelp manual

The old help file has been replaced by a StrongHelp manual. There's
probably quite a loot of room for improvement so any feedback on the
manual would be greatly appreciated.

New menu entries

A couple of menu entries have been added to provide easy access to
various resources.

iconbar menu -> Help...     Opens the StrongHelp manual

main menu -> Edit set...    Opens current set in an editor
             Open sets...   Opens active Sets directory

Visual feedback

Clicking on a macro button causes the button to be depressed. This also
happens when Ctrl is pressed (when the Ctrl option is active).

Insert on Ctrl

Inserting text via the Ctrl key was a bit finicky, if you held down Ctrl
too long a second copy would be inserted. This has been fixed so that
only one copy is ever inserted. The fix also made it possible to reduce
the time delay so pressing Ctrl is responded to more quickly.

Dragging objects

Dragging in a Filer object that is not a text file now creates a macro
to run/open that object. This means it's no longer necessary to edit a
macro set by hand to create 'launcher' type macros.

Please give Makro 2.00 a try and report any bugs you find so that they
can be fixed before a formal release is made. Comments and suggestions
are also welcome, of course.


StrongED Developer