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Re: Snippets - !Makro. a bug

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          "Richard Torrens (lists)" <Lists@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> There is a bug - when injecting a date into a marked block, the 4th
> character gets missed.

Yes, inserting into a marked block causes funny things to happen.
Thanks for reporting this!

> I suspect it's a timing problem. A bit obscure and in this case no huge
> problem!

After inserting a key Makro2 returns control to the Wimp so that the key
can be processed. When getting control back it would send the next key.

This would happen on any event where it should only continue on a null
event. The result was that Makro2 could send the next key before the
previous one was processed (having KeyExtend in the mix complicated
things further [*]).

I've changed the code to explicitly wait for a null event before
sending the next key. An updated version of Makro2 is available:

New in this version is that the maximum number of macros can be set in
the !Run file. No need to edit the resource file or change the code.

[*] Yet another reason to replace KeyExtend with DeepKeys/StrongKeys.


StrongED Developer