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Re: Error at start with latest test version

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          Alan Adams <alan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

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>           Michael Kübel <michael.kuebel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Another question, how can I make Wrapwidth to Automatic as a Standard ?...I
> > can't find any option in the choices.
> This one annoys me too. With a document open, click the tick symbol to 
> open mode choices, and you can change it there, but only for that mode.

Well, that's the flip side of flexibility. If it were a global option
then there's bound to someone that wants it to be configurable per mode.

Having it as a mode option allows both but changing it for all modes is
a bit laborious if done by hand...

> I'm working my way through the modes as I encounter them and changing it.

..but there is an application called StrongSet that allows you to change
settings for all, or a selection of, modes. It hasn't been updated for a
while though so I don't how well it copes with the latest releases.


StrongED Developer