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Re: Error at start with latest test version

In message <CAP4zTAJUKMemTrErGaBCirVaoNkAttjaFC+vxuc4pt=UcWxK0A@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
          Michael Kübel <michael.kuebel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> thank you, that worked out. I guess !StrongED read that my Keyboard setting
> is German, so it switched to German language resources. Or could I
> force !StrongED somehow to use english menu etc. and still use German
> keyboard layout ?

StrongED uses ResFind to locate language dependent resources. Meaning
that either you have Country set to Germany or have set one of ResFind
system variables (ResFind$Languages) to German.

The German resources are behind the English ones. I usually don't update
foreign resources until the stable release. Generally this isn't a big
problem but the KeyNames file is used to read/write StrongED's choices.
Any omissions there will cause an error.

Copying the KeyNames from UK, as David has pointed out, should be fine.

> Another question, how can I make Wrapwidth to Automatic as a Standard ?...I
> can't find any option in the choices.

There are two sets of choices, the Global Choices and the Mode Choices.
The Global Choices apply to the entire application. The Mode Choices are
specific to each mode.

The Global Choices can be opened with a left mouse click on the 'tick'
icon on the toolbar (or via the iconbar menu). To open the Mode Choices,
a right mouse click on the 'tick' icon is required.

The WrapWidth options are in the Mode Choices under 'Wrapping'. In the
'Softwrap width' section, turn on 'Automatic' and click Save. Note that
you will be to do this for each mode that you want have auto-wrap.


StrongED Developer