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Re: Error at start with latest test version

In message <CAP4zTAJgifkB1P=pxJKHnrFxezunrT+FHd52OxG1va6=mGopJA@mail.g 
  Michael Kübel <michael.kuebel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi there,

> I got a question regarding the latest testbuild of StrengEd, Version 13.
> When I copy it to my RPi3 oder RPI4 and try to run it both show the error
> at startup:
> "Message token GO35 not found".

> What could cause this and some solution to solve that ?

StrongED 4.70a13 starts up OK in the "UK". The token GO35 is found in 

!StrongED.Resources.Germany.KeyNames does not have tokens GO35 to 

It is probably safe to copy the UK KeyNames into the German Resources, 
the token names are in English.

(There may be other omissions in the German Resources.)
David Pitt