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Re: Search and replace a strange character

In message <58644fac95dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
          Dave <dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I have an alien plain text file, which really is plain text with the
> exception of a few coloured [0C] at the start of a few lines.
> 1) What is the coloured [0C] (Zero C)?

It's ASCII 12 (form feed), usually used to make printers advance/eject
the current page.

> 2 How do I search and replace it?

You can search for it using "\x0C" or "\f" (both without quotes). Note
that this requires Advanced search to be on, it won't work in Simple

> It cannot be copied and pasted into the Search/Replace dialogues.

That because it a control code (= below ASCII 32). The Wimp treats all
control codes in (writable) icons as terminators.

> Thanks
> Dave
> Nb: In Zap it displays as a coloured capital "L" which can be be searched
> and replaced with a \L in the search dialogue.

It can be displayed that way in StrongED too. Adjust click on the 'tick'
icon on the toolbar to open the mode choices.

Go to the Display, in the 'Misc options' section set 'Show Ctrl as @ABC'
using the pop-up menu.

Next go to Font, and turn off 'Special Ctrls' in 'Bitmap font options'.

Click 'OK' to see the result. Click 'Save' to make this permanent.


StrongED Developer