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Re: Snippets - !Makro

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          "Richard Torrens (lists)" <Lists@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

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>    Fred Graute <fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > I've done a quick conversion of Makro to a Toolbox application (using
> > AppBasic). It's mostly identical function-wise to the original but
> > fixes a few problems. Saving choices and sorting sets is currently not
> > implemented, and I've not fixed the HTML-1 set.
> > In Makro2 (as I've called it for now) 
> Been using for a few days: brilliant.

There a few snags in how Ctrl-insert works, now fixed.

> But one point: I do not like centred lists. Can we left justify?

There's a new version of Makro2:

Changes are:

 - Changed icons from ActionButton gadgets (text always centred) to
   Button gadgets (which allow much more aspects to be changed).

 - New option button to have text left aligned or centred (haven't
   bothered with right aligned text).

 - Saving settings (from iconbar menu) now works, including new text
   alignment option.

 - Dragging a file to an insert button also works, as per original.

 - Fixed problems with Ctrl-insert. It would insert name or string
   depending on what the last mouse click was. A Ctrl-insert after an
   Adjust click could cause an abort.

Some thoughts on future enhancements:

 - Dragging a file to an insert button currently assigns the macro to a
   button with a name of '<untitled>'. It might be better if it opened
   the Edit dialogue for that button so that the name can be entered

 - Change the file format to: BBGGRR <tab> name <tab> string
   Having each macro on a single line seems tidier to me (parsing is a
   bit more complicated though). The BBGGRR at the start of the line
   would be the colour to use for the text on the button.

 - Save the settings in a text file as key/value pairs instead of the
   current binary choices file. More readable and easier to debug.

 - Allow a set file to be edited using OLE so that the result is shown
   in the makro window as soon as the OLE session is ended.

Feel free to comment on the above or make other suggestions.


StrongED Developer