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Re: Snippets - !Makro

In article <585b7d4841Lists@xxxxxxxxxxx>, Richard Torrens (lists)
<Lists@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> In article <585b797f29dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Dave <dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>    wrote:
> > Yet the file appears to have arrived in the Store filer window, but
> > it is now "Makro1,59/zip/dat"

I suspect /dat (or rather .dat) has been added by windoze because that
comma confused it!


> Windross! Bargepole springs to mind. A , works fine with everything
> else (Mac, Linux and RISC OS)

I am strongly of the belief that it's a good habit to use only alpha,
numeric, '-', '_', and '~' in [RISC OS] filenames as those plus '.'  are
the only unreserved characters in URLs and likely to pass unscathed to
and from foreign filing systems. You can use '/' too so long as you
remember it has to be or is translated to '.' in the pee sea.

As a bonus, when filenames become the tail end of a url, search engines
better understand that hyphens delimit-words-within-filenames

I would avoid using a comma in any filename as it has special meaning:
it's used to give files originating in RISC OS filetypes when saving to
an alien filing system that uses it but isn't in mimemap.


Tim Hill
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