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Re: Snippets

In article <585b04c2dfrichard.ashbery@xxxxxxxxxx>,
   Richard Ashbery <richard.ashbery@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I haven't had issues like that (5.24 on R-Pi model 2B Rev 1 and 5.25
> on ARMX6). Only thing I have found is perhaps it's best to avoid the
> bump arrows. I get a Directory 'Makro:Sets' not found (IEC 122) message
> and if I press Cancel program disappears off iconbar. All makros are
> available from the pop-up menu selector option so you probably don't
> need them.

Oops! As I said elsewhere I am no programmer. 

But the version now on site is fixed.

> Apart from that thanks to Richard for creating the documentation 'Makro
> snippet inserter' - much nicer and easy to read (with some screen shots
> of the Makro window) than the original text document.


Richard Torrens.
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