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Re: Snippets - !Makro

In article <da53f25a58.pnyoung@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Peter Young
<pnyoung@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


> > There are very few occasions where I would change Makro - especially now
> > it can read 64 macro set files. I guess increasing the string length
> > would be useful. I have several Macros to set up a blank www page: doing
> > that with one click would be nice as I use several templates. That can be
> > done by using Brandy Basic which does not have the limitation. I just
> > tried - it does need some changes to work with Brandy!

> I've come late to this thread. For sometime I've been using !Ffiler from
> Kevin Wells which is another similar app. http://riscos.kevsoft.co.uk/

> From that page: "Form Filler (59KB) a form filler that sends text to where
> the cursor is. Ideal in filling web forms etc". This will store, I think,
> 100 macros and is easy to use. I've tried !Makro, and can see no reason
> for my swapping this for Ffiler.

Yes, I use !Ffiler. You can indeed have 10 forms each of 10 macros = 100.
I've never used it for anything other than plain text but as you say it's
brilliant for form filling or repetitive tasks.

I also have !Makro 1.59 ( 22 Jul 2000) by David Thomas. Was that the latest
official version?