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Re: Snippets

In article <58584ab3c1Lists@xxxxxxxxxxx>, Richard Torrens (lists)
<Lists@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> My opinion is that a proper snippet inserter (such as !Makro)
> integrates so well with StrongED that there is little point in having
> the facility in StrongED. 


I had not tried this feature before and as you say, can't see why it's
better than not just !Makro* (or !HTML3) but also just by saving
something to another file! Fred may as well recycle some of his bits!

From another file, macros can be inserted into the text with drag and
drop,  f7 or <ctrl>C obviously but the other 'problem' I have had - not
just with StrongEd - is trying to use a macro inserter with search and
replace or other transient dialogue boxes. Only using f7 in StrongED or
by accessing the OS clipboard (by installing IcnClipBrd) seems to work in
most (but not Pipedream).


* RISC OS 5.24 on a Pi 3B+. I thought I'd try !Makro but it quit with an
error 'String Not Recognised' when one is added and clicked upon. It
doesn't load its Makros on startup or if one is selected from the menu. 
I got it to run by commenting the 'setmacro' line in !Run
|SetMacro Makro$Path <Makro$Dir>.Sets.
and added
Set Makro$Path <Makro$Dir>.Sets.
instead and it now works. :-)


Tim Hill
Webmaster, www.timil.com

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