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Re: duff link to functions in manual

In message <82abe874635c9983c1175a25a62ec508@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> you 

> If someone wants to search your site, or any other specific site on
> the internet, they should use whatever search engine they prefer,
> themselves.

> If every site has its own link to the site-author's preferred search
> engine then every user has to lean how to use lots of search engines.

> It's far better that users find a search engine they like, and learn
> to use it properly.

I have to disagree with this pov.

In order to search the StrongED site for a key word I would have to set up 
an elaborate search term which includes the appropriate URL for the site 
plus the search term. This is a lot of faff and is likely to contain 
typos, in my case. And then I would have to find somewhere to store it or 
do it all again next time.

Jeremy can just ignore the search field if he does not want to use it.

As far as which search engine to use I don't much mind. The Google results 
page is horrible these days, but still has by far the deepest data pool so 
I use it if DuckDuckGo lets me down. Data depth does not matter in the 
StrongED situation as all browsers have the same set of html pages to 

So I would say don't use Google. Do use something that works well on 
NetSurf, and preferably does not have adverts.


John Rickman