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scope of unwrap

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          "Richard Torrens (lists)" <Lists@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Any help with the online instructions is welcome! Wrap and Unwrap are, I
> think, fairly self explanatory - but there could well be more to it...

The functions don't need any explanation but discovering how to limit the 
scope is not obvious.

Suppose you want to unwrap a single paragraph. You change to auto wrap 
reduce window size to wrap the text nicely. Then select the paragraph to 
be unwrapped.

The you bring up menu and look under Block, then Process, but there is 
nothing here. Ah but the Edit Menu offers Unwrap.
Sadly if you click this your whole file is unwrapped. Probably not what 
was wanted.

A further search reveals that there is an unwrap action in the Mode menu.

BaseMode > Unwrap(split lines) It does not say what its scope is but it 
will do the job if your cursor is in the selected block.

I know this now, I have known it in the past, but sure as eggs I will 

A good solution would be for Unwrap to be added to the Block menu.


John Rickman