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Re: duff link to functions in manual

In article <b27ba05158.John@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
   John Rickman <rickman@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> StrongED has a very useful function for unwrapping lines but its
> implemention is a bit confusing. I will make this the subject of
> separate thread.

Any help with the online instructions is welcome! Wrap and Unwrap are, I
think, fairly self explanatory - but there could well be more to it...

> It was in seeking some clarification of this topic that I turned to the 
> manual which unfortunately was not available owing to the the website 
> being down. This has now been resolved, Thanks Richard.

Yes, the server had crashed: we noticed it when email stopped working. I
do not have root access so could do nothing: in which case I normally text
the owner. Unfortunately I had recently reset my phone and lost the
number. The family had a merry chase trying to contact him: eventually we
found him via facebook, with immediate results!

> Here are some constructive comments on the manual.

> 1. It could really use some form of generic search. You can use the
> Google or DuckDuckGo search engines to do this with just a few line of
> html by directing the search at just the manual pages.

But a lot of help is in the email archives. Do people want a specific

You are correct of course in that the whole point of on-line instructions
is that they should be searchable!

> 2. In the absence of a search the index is the provided is the next best
> thing. Unfortunately in the case of "Unwrap" it does not help as there
> is no entry. However there is a link to look at StrongED functions.
> This looked promising but unfortunately is broken. It points to:
>   http://stronged.torrens.org/man/functions.html
> whereas should point to:
>   http://stronged.torrens.org/man/functions/index.html
> Easy enough to fix.

Only if it exists and can be found. But "functions.html" does not exist in
the index.

The index is done with SSI: the actual index is
which is prepared in Pipedream and included in the indexA.html page.

So where is the broken link?

> Unwrap does feature in the list of functions but does not yet have any
> help text attached. Is this because you Richard have not had time to do
> it, or do you not wish to duplicate the StrongED manual that is
> available from the icon bar which does cover Unwrap in the functions
> list?

I am expanding on the StrongHelp as and when the need turns up. There is,
I think, little point in simply duplicating StrongHelp - there is a
utility to turn it into a text file which is easy to search.

Part of expanding the StrongHelp is understanding how StrongED works!
Several times I have become stuck here!

Richard Torrens.
http://StrongED.Torrens.org for StrongEDinstructions (in preparation) and mailing list archives