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duff link to functions in manual

StrongED has a very useful function for unwrapping lines but its 
implemention is a bit confusing. I will make this the subject of separate 

It was in seeking some clarification of this topic that I turned to the 
manual which unfortunately was not available owing to the the website 
being down. This has now been resolved, Thanks Richard.

Here are some constructive comments on the manual.

1. It could really use some form of generic search. You can use the Google 
or DuckDuckGo search engines to do this with just a few line of html by 
directing the search at just the manual pages.

2. In the absence of a search the index is the provided is the next best 
thing. Unfortunately in the case of "Unwrap" it does not help as there is 
no entry. However there is a link to look at StrongED functions. This 
looked promising but unfortunately is broken. It points to:
whereas should point to:
Easy enough to fix.

Unwrap does feature in the list of functions but does not yet have any 
help text attached. Is this because you Richard have not had time to do 
it, or do you not wish to duplicate the StrongED manual that is available 
from the icon bar which does cover Unwrap in the functions list?


John Rickman