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Re: stronged 470a13 dump mode oddity

In message <74ad9440-993b-841d-ebb8-10a19afdadce@xxxxxxxxxx>
          John Ballance <jwb@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I use dump mode for binary editing of 'stuff'.  I recently came across a
> very repeatable issue. Following a binary edit near the file end (its 
> large), I found it had removed an &20 (ascii space) next to an &0A (LF). 

The way end-of-line spaces are trimmed has been changed in 4.70 but it
seems to have some unwanted side-effects. To get round the problem make
sure that the option to trim eol spaces is off.

  Mode choices > Edit > Trim trailing spaces of lines before saving

> this was at a hex offset of about &bf25 .. Its utterly repeatable with
> this file. repeated removals take place later in the file. . i.e. it 
> appears to be doing some processing either during edit, or during save, 
> in a file that shouldn't have any unexpected edits.

I'll change the code to trim eol spaces so it excludes Dump mode.


StrongED Developer