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stronged 470a13 dump mode oddity


I've come across a serious issue in the test release 470a13. Its not present in 469

I use dump mode for binary editing of 'stuff'.  I recently came across a very repeatable issue. Following a binary edit near the file end (its large), I found it had removed an &20 (ascii space) next to an &0A (LF). this was at a hex offset of about &bf25 .. Its utterly repeatable with this file. repeated removals take place later in the file. . i.e. it appears to be doing some processing either during edit, or during save, in a file that shouldn't have any unexpected edits.

It means dump mode cannot be relied on for any edits, so I've had to revert to 469

I'm more than happy to forward the binary image concerned to help fix things.. (the image is at least 4 times the offset to first error)


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