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Re: StrongED failing to start

In message <14b8234358.Alan.Adams@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
          Alan Adams <alan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The most useful would be for StrongED to start after Cancel is pressed,
> preferably removing the offending entries from List of Windows in the 
> process.

It should be possible to start StrongED even when (remote) files aren't
accessible. To make sure I've just tested this and can confirm that
that is indeed the case.

There should be 2 'error' windows. The first is from ShareFS prompting

  Please insert or make available shared disc '<share name>'

With buttons 'Cancel' and 'OK'. Press 'Cancel' if you don't want to, or
can't, make the remote disc available.

This will lead to an error window from StrongED that says:

  Shared disc not available.

With buttons 'Cancel' and 'Continue'. Clicking 'Cancel' quits StrongED,
whilst clicking 'Continue' will allow it to start.

> The alternative would be to provide a simple way to remove the entries
> using Edit. I spent quite a while trawling through StrongED's directories, 
> and Choices, without finding the list. (StrongED doesn't appear to use 
> Choices - at least there isn't a StrongED directory in there.)

StrongED stores its choices in StrED_cfg which will be in one of two
places: Boot:Choices or in the same directory as StrongED. If StrED_cfg
is not installed then StrongED will save its choices inside itself.

Depending on the exact situation the AutoSave list is in either




With some care the list can be edited using StrongED (see the page that
Richard refers to), otherwise use Edit to edit the list. 


StrongED Developer