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StrongED failing to start

Yesterday I was editing a file on a share from another RISC OS system. At 
the end of the day I shut both machines down.

Today I started up the main computer and StrongED came up with "Please 
make shared disc available". As I was not intending to use the other 
computer today I pressed Cancel.

StrongED didn't start. (It's version 4.69f11 29-Apr-2019)

I tried starting the remote machine and running StrongED again. It started 
up, but didn't open any remote files. I shut both computers down and 
restarted the main one. Once again I got the "shared disc" message.

The only way I had to get StrongEd to work properly was to start both 
computers, open a StrongED document and go to the list icon (near top 
left), and choose Kill All.

There will be occasions when this isn't possible, for example after a user 
group meeting when computers may have been in a temporary network.

Two things would help.

The most useful would be for StrongED to start after Cancel is pressed, 
preferably removing the offending entries from List of Windows in the 

The alternative would be to provide a simple way to remove the entries 
using Edit. I spent quite a while trawling through StrongED's directories, 
and Choices, without finding the list. (StrongED doesn't appear to use 
Choices - at least there isn't a StrongED directory in there.)

Alan Adams, from Northamptonshire