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Re: Searching for >> not >>>

On 15 Feb in article <584298f7bctim@xxxxxxxxx>,
   Tim Hill <tim@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> In article <58421c87b2list01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Martin
> <list01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > I am sure this should be simple ... but how do I search for
> > instances of ">>" but I do not want ">>>" to be included?

> > Everything I have tried includes instances of the two characters,
> > even if they were preceeded by the Sethird!

> Searching for the correct expression can be a battle, can't it?

> I find that it's often quicker in such cases to S&R the unwanted 
> string first:
> S: >>>
> R: YYY

> Then search for your '>>'.

> Then put the triples back:
> S: YYY
> R: >>>

> That assumes "YYY" isn't used elsewhere, obviously.

Oh yes - I have frequently used that useful technique. 

But I thought (wrongly) this would be a simple search ... and I had
over 45 files to search, and some doubles I found I would want to
change them to triples. So it would have needed some thought and care
to avoid mistakes.

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