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Re: Searching for >> not >>>

In message <00eca61f-7791-7ee8-17b4-079e7e35e5fa@xxxxxxxxxxx>
          Steve Drain <steve@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On 14/02/2020 09:54, Martin wrote:
> > I am sure this should be simple ... but how do I search for instances
> > of ">>" but I do not want ">>>" to be included?
> > 
> > Everything I have tried includes instances of the two characters,
> > even if they were preceeded by the third!
> In a simple test this worked: ">>"~">"

Yes, that's what came to my mind first too, but it doesn't do what I
think Martin is after. Which is to match ">>" on its own not as part of
">>>". The above expression won't match the first two ">" but it will
match the last two.

If that is indeed what Martin wants then it's actually quite a tricky
one to get right. The best I've come up with so far is:

 < | ( ~">" .) @0 ">>" ~">"

This breaks down into:

 < | (~">" .) if at start-of-line, or if first character isn't ">" then
              match it (to advance search pointer)

 @0           actual match starts here, so preceding not coloured in LoF

 ">>"         literal string to match

 ~">"         next character should not be ">" for match to succeed


PS Martin, I will get back to you on testing colour printing but I've
let myself get horribly sidetracked with adding desktop font plotting.

StrongED Developer