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StrongED scripts and Python


You are quite right that it makes no sense for !ScriptsED
to distinguish between the different ports of awk.

On the subject of Python, you may be aware that Python3 differs
from Python2, though as yet that does not affect RISC OS. I
am hoping it will, eventually. If you have anything to do with a
Raspberry Pi you will be aware that Python is immensely popular.
There has long been discussion on the Lua fora comparing Lua
with Python. THey are very similar in many respects - age in
particular. Python wins hands down in the popularity stakes,
and that is because of its extensive libraries: the "batteries
included" philosophy, which Lua has generally eschewed. That
is unlikely to affect RISC OS because the libraries are invariably
written with Linux, OSX or Windows in mind. Lua has been easier
to adapt to RISC OS, because adaptability is a higher priority
for Lua than for Python.

Nevertheless I see no reason why Python should not prove to be as
useful a tool for scripting with StrongED as Lua is. 
Gavin Wraith (gavin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
Home page: http://www.wra1th.plus.com/