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Re: Scripts

In message <bec39d4058.fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx>
          Fred Graute <fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> No, my scripts are not protected. It is something that StrongED is doing.

> That seems very unlikely to me as all that StrongED does on a Select
> click is to issue a *command: "Filer_OpenDir <StrongED$ScriptsDir>".

> Check filename shown in the title bar of the directory viewer. Is there
> something odd about it? What happens if you navigate to this directory
> manually?

This is what happens:
Select-click on process icon:
this opens a filer window containing a the Lua directory
 the title bar says:

Adjust-click on close opens:
Adjust-click again, opens:
Adjust-click again, then
  nothing - ie filer window closes

But now is the curious thing:
Select-click on process icon again, opens:

Ie it now works as Richard and you say it should.
Obviously something is not being initialised when I run StrongED.
I will investigate further.

John Rickman