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Re: Scripts

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          "Richard Torrens (lists)" <Lists@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Another point I have noticed is that the relevant directory is either -
> or. If you leave !ScriptsSED in !StrongED then scripts added to !StrED_cfg
> get ignored. I can see why this is - but it is not normal StrongED style.

ScriptSED looks in both StrED_cfg and StrongED with scripts in the former
overriding homonymous scripts in the latter.

> It's easy enough to move the whole !ScriptsSED to !StrED_cfg but you then
> have to delete it again if you upgrade. 

There's no need to move ScriptSED to StrED_cfg, just create a skeleton
!ScriptSED with inside it 3 directories: Languages, Scripts and Tools.

You can then add your languages, scripts and tools to it without having
to worry about them when you upgrade StrongED.


StrongED Developer