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Re: Scripts

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          "Richard Torrens (lists)" <Lists@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I decided to investigate in order to write things up.
> A script is useless - unless you can install the language concerned! So I
> tried to find links to instal...
> The supplied scripts are in Languages:
> * Awk, mawk, gawk: All three directories have the same scripts in and Awk
> for RiscOS seems to be unavailable! Having the same scripts in 3
> directories seems to serve no purpose but bloat - and if Awk is not now
> available...

A copy of gawk 4.0.1 can be found at Duncan Moore's site (probably where
Harriet found it too): http://duncan-moore.netau.net/riscos/index.html

> * Lua is, of course alive and well (thanks, Gavin). Some useful (and
> usable) scripts!
> * BASIC: another usable language, but few scripts!

Well, create some. :-)

> Anyway - the Perl Script directory is empty!

Sorry, I don't do Perl.

> * Python: there is a port by Chris Gransden, but a quick instal does not
> enable these scripts to be used.

It's been a while since I used Python so I don't know why Python 2.7
doesn't work. The scripts were created for the Python 2.4 port.

Ah, it seems the alias for Python 2.7 is not *Python but *Python27 so
change that and the scripts might work.

> * Strong: The "Apply script" window lists stronged as a Language yet the
> directory lists no such subdirectory.

Yes, you can use a file with StrongED commands as a script but it needs
some glue code to work. I have a BASIC file with that glue code but I
don't think it's been part of any StrongED release.

> However there is a "sed" directory = but Sed does not appear to be
> available?

sed (short for Stream EDitor) is text processing utility for Unix/linux.
It's similar to, but not as powerful as, awk. Also on Duncan's site.

> I think the supplied Scripts need a tidy to ones which are relatively 
> easily made usable? And if they don't work - why include them?

The supplied scripts were mostly intended to show how the mechanism
worked with the intention that users would use them as a template for
their own scripts.

I'd be happy to make changes but I have to admit that this is way at the
bottom of my list of priorities...  Now if someone were to step in...


StrongED Developer