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Re: Sort

In article <583adf9cbcLists@xxxxxxxxxxx>,
   Richard Torrens (lists) <Lists@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> We all live with the present situation: it takes a Zap user to make any
> big ripples! Yes perhaps the error is a bit confusing for some, but only
> on the EOF case I think.

Us damn Zap users, nothing but trubble... ;-)

But in a serious mode... :-)

I not only use Zap on RISC OS, but my Go-to advanced text editor on the
Windows side is EditPad, in which the same list, sans the final LF, sorted
perfectly okay... But interestingly EditPad had added a single LF at the
end of the block after the sort.


Not something I use much...
Out of interest NotePad++ also sorted okay without the Final LF but it
*didn't* add the extra LF after the sort.



Dave Triffid