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Re: Sort (Fred please respond)

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          "Richard Torrens (lists)" <Lists@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Writing up a page on Sort, I find (as usual) things I didn't know.
> But there seems to be a difference between 4.69f11 and 4.69 in the way a
> sort reacts if the block ends part way along a line.
> In 4.69 this gives an error (as expected)
> In 4.70 Block sort is not engaged automatically: it defaults to Text sort.

There have been no code changes regarding this between 4.69 and 4.70.

The block sensitivity of the Sort dialogue box is linked to te option
'Global choices > Block > Block-scope in List of Found'. This was
supposed to be temporary, for quick testing, but somehow no separate
option has been created for Sort.

If I remember correctly you use a separate StrED_cfg for each version.
Please check the option mentioned above for both SEs and see if there's
a difference.

> The change makes sense - but I need to cover this properly in the new
> page. Are any further changes likely to be made - such as accepting an end
> of file as an end of line?

The first change will be to add an option for the block sensitivity of
the Sort dialogue in 'Global choices > Block'. Assuming I can find a
free bit in the flag words for saveable options. Right now they're both
full, although I could recycle the flags for 'Global choices > Printing'
as that section has been removed.

Accepting an end-of-file as an end-of-line is a tricky one. Sort works
by switching over entire lines so if a line doesn't end with a newline
then you can end up with a concatenated line. I'll see what can be done.

The reason for faulting partially selected lines is to prevent one half
of a line being moved by a sort while the second half stays where it is.
Which is probably not what was intended.

The error message could be made more clear though. Something like:
"Unable to sort, all the selected lines must end with a newline"

Suggestions welcome.


StrongED Developer