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Re: Search

In article <58399a9804dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
   Dave <dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> PS: I looked online at your SE manual and couldn't find anything on "Sort".

> Is it there and I'm just missing it or...  :-)

Quite correct! There is a lot not yet covered, either because I am unaware
of it, have no round tuit or because it's well covered in the various
StrongHelps or because it's beginner level and and there seems to be a
shortage of beginners! the introductory StrongHelps cover much and don't
seem to need re=writing.

I am therefore tending to write things up as the need arises.

The StrongHelp covers a lot, but it is difficult to features things there,
especially if you don't know they exist. It is also of necessity a bit

Richard Torrens.
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