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Re: Search

In article <58398370f6tim@xxxxxxxxx>,
   Tim Hill <tim@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> In article <58398066a9dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Dave <dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:

> [Snip]

> > "file:///D:/ZMusicRip/Various Artists/The Best Of The Rat Pack/

> > Replace dialogue... I tried manually entering \n  that failed as it
> > literally removed the search strings and actually replaced it with \n

> > Okay select the Advanced engine. Then selected \n from the display. GO.

> > Failed with Missing "

> > There is NO missing " the search string only contains one "

> In ADV search, quote marks define a string ("<string to replace>") and as
> it is reserved for that purpose, your search string needs to have the
> single quote it contains in its escaped form, i.e.

> "\"file:///D:/ZMusicRip/Various Artists/The Best Of The Rat Pack/"

Yes that seems to work...

On her behalf...
Thanks for that bit of Info Tim, I'll pass it over.  :-)


Horses for courses of course...
From my perspective... If I didn't have Zap, I'd rather use Edit. :-/



Dave Triffid