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Re: Search

In article <58398066a9dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
   Dave <dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Ahhhhhhh!
> I'm wearily back and getting snotty having to suffer this business...

> So Fay wanted to do a Seach and Replace and presented me with a file.

The first comment I would make is that search is covered in detail on the
www site:

If this isn't clear, or the index doesn't help, or you find any other
problem I need feedback to make the instructions better!

Can you get Fay to use that - and the mailing list? We don't bite!

> Easy peasy sez I, Shift F4 stick in the search string, stick in the
> replace with, in this case a newline "\n" (Sans quotes).

> Pah! I had a number of goes but after wasting my time getting a number
> of, errors", I took it to ZAP and did the job in 15 seconds.

Like anything else - what you know is always the easiest - or nobody would
use windoze!

> But of course that doesn't help Fay...  :-(

> Dave

> So you wanna know what I was doing...

> A bit of the file. (List of music tracks).

>  "file:///D:/ZMusicRip/Various Artists/The Best Of The Rat Pack/13 The
> Birth Of The Blues.mp3" "file:///D:/ZMusicRip/Various Artists/The Best Of
> The Rat Pack/14 You're Nobody 'til Somebody Loves You.mp3"
> "file:///D:/ZMusicRip/Various Artists/The Best Of The Rat Pack/15
> Chicago.mp3" "file:///D:/ZMusicRip/Various Artists/The Best Of The Rat
> Pack/16 Sittin On Top Of The World.mp3" "file:///D:/ZMusicRip/Various
> Artists/The Best Of The Rat Pack/17 Witchcraft.mp3"
> "file:///D:/ZMusicRip/Various Artists/The Best Of The Rat Pack/18 Eee-O
> Eleven.mp3" "file:///D:/ZMusicRip/Various Artists/The Best Of The Rat
> Pack/01 I'm Gonna Live Till I Die.mp3" "file:///D:/ZMusicRip/Various
> Artists/The Best Of The Rat Pack/02 Ain't That A Kick In The Head.mp3"

> Shift F4

> Search dialogue... Copied and pasted in...

> "file:///D:/ZMusicRip/Various Artists/The Best Of The Rat Pack/

There must be a closing " after a text string in advanced search.

> Replace dialogue...
> I tried manually entering \n  that failed as it literally removed the
> search strings and actually replaced it with \n

Simple search!

> Okay select the Advanced engine. Then selected \n from the display.
> GO.

> Failed with Missing "

> There is NO missing " the search string only contains one "

To put " in a search string you must escape it thus \"

So your search string should be

"\"file:///D:/ZMusicRip/Various Artists/The Best Of The Rat Pack/"

and the replace simply $ - which is a new line and an alternative to \n

> Yes I'm aware the full file path and track name does contain the second "
> after .mp3, but She only wants the "file:///D:/ZMusicRip/Various
> Artists/The Best Of The Rat Pack/ replaced with a newline.

> Anyway, tried a few other config twiddles, all failed to do the business
> including one that errored with Unknown identifier file".

> As noted above, by this time I was really dribbling snot, so dumped the
> file in ZAP.

> Search: Same string pasted in.

You can do that in StrongED - mark the text, open the S&R box. f7 pastes
the marked block wherever the caret is.


That's as far as I understand: if you had attached the file things would
have been clearer as email body text gets re-formatted.

I can't comment on Zap vs StrongED. I tried both and could not get on with
Zap. To me, StrongED far more intuitive.

Hope this helps?

Richard Torrens.
http://StrongED.Torrens.org for StrongEDinstructions (in preparation) and mailing list archives