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Re: Search

In article <5835728807dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
   Dave <dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> As always, asking on Fay's behalf.

> Search or F4 in StrongEd is weird. (I don't get it)

> Assume the search word entered in the F4 dialogue is "Kenko"

> It does indeed find Kenko, but is also finds absolutely every other word
> in the document that has a Ken, ken in it.

> This is not what is wanted, she wan't to search the document for the word
> Kenko and only Kenko.

> How is it done?

If there are further instances of the search word, then F4 will find them.
But once it has found the last instance, it will then try to match on
shorter matches, gradually truncating the search term down to the first

Richard Torrens.
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