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[StrongED] Swipe 0.16a1 available

Hi All,

Swipe 0.16a1 is now available for download here:

This is an alpha grade release. It seems to work fine on RISC OS 5 but
has not yet been tested on other versions of RISC OS. There's still a
lot of work to do to bring it all together nicely but basic grabbing
looks solid enough.

There is no proper licence right now, Andrew Stubbs has no objections to
further releases. If Swipe proves useful and stable then I'll see if a
suitable licence can be agreed upon, ideally a permissive one.

The documentation is incomplete; the included Help file is the original
and out-of-date. The StrongHelp manual is more accurate but quite terse.
Below is a quick usage overview.

To grab text, place the pointer over the target text and press the
hotkey combination. A small window will pop up with the grabbed text.
You can swipe (drag) over the text to select the part you want.

The default hotkeys are left-Shift + left-Alt. They can be altered
through the choices window. Unlike previous versions the first hotkey
has to be pressed first followed by the second to open the grab window.

When the grab window is closed the (selected) text is copied to the
global clipboard. The text can be pasted using Ctrl-V or by clicking
with Adjust on Swipe's iconbar icon.

The ability to click Adjust over the selected text to send to the input
focus has been removed. The code did some trickery to hide the Adjust
click so that it could be used to insert into writable menu items.

Instead the choices window offers a couple of choices that control what
happens when the grab window closes:

 - Always send swiped text to focus
 - Send swiped text if focus is in icon
 - Never send swiped text to focus

To insert into writable menu items you need to choose one of the top 2
options or use Ctrl-V if supported. Selecting text doesn't work with
writable menu items as the menu will close when you click the mouse.

Please give Swipe try and let me know if it works, in particular on
versions of RISC OS other than 5.


StrongED Developer

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