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Re: [StrongED] TestACS 1.02 available

In message <c29b96a106347083bd319f3745be3e0d@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
          Jeremy Nicoll - ml sed <jn.ml.sed45@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On 2018-12-19 00:34, Fred Graute wrote:
> > Hi All,
> > 
> > The first stand-alone release of TestACS can be downloaded from:
> > http://www.stronged.iconbar.com/fjg.index.html
> > 
> > TestACS is a small utility that tests the state of the Alt, Ctrl and
> > Shift modifier keys. The results are recorded in 3 system variables
> > (Alt$Pressed, Ctrl$Pressed and Shift$Pressed) for use in an Obey file.
> Surely a 'proper' RO utility should be setting sysvars with its own
> name as a prefix, so maybe testacs$alt, testacs$ctrl, testacs$shift ?

There are, as far as I know, no rules for utilities setting system
variables. For application, yes, the rule is to use AppName$foobar.

The names of the system variables came from the 3 original utilities
that gave rise to TestACS: TestAlt, TestCtrl and TestShift.

This is all academic now that ROOL has accepted my request to allocate
Alt$Pressed, Ctrl$Pressed and Shift$Pressed as system variables used by
TestACS. Although I had assumed, and mentioned, that they'd probably
already been requested by whoever wrote the original Test$xxx utilities.
Which turned out not to be the case.


StrongED Developer

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