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Re: [StrongED] SE v4.70a13 CtrlTab


I tried doing that.. that is where I found the issues I reported earlier..

echoped belos:

Just tried the update to 13 from 470a12 and have 2 critical issues.

firstly, why update?.. mostly I use riscos via vnc so as to collate several machines within 1 large screen

v12 has 1 annoying issue.. it will reasonably often produce an abort when saving a file if something is on the global clipboard. If you cancel, ctrl-shift-Z to clear clipboard, then save all continues OK

v13 hasn't given me time to try this as 1: if you drop a folder on the icon it produces an abort (native, not via vnc) in app space, but does eventually show some, in not all, files within the folder tree

and 2: if you have more than 1 file open and you do a ctrl-shift F to search globally (which I use  LOT) it aborts and fails.

Any thoughts? .. and is it repeatable with others?


On 09/12/2018 12:54, Fred Graute wrote:
In message <5763aa3efelist01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
          Martin <list01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

After installing a new a13, when I open files in some modes for the
first time, I get a fleeting little message box which says 

    Unknown bitmap style: 'CtrlTab' in mode 'xxx'

where xxx is at least Obey and News

The only places I can find CtrlTab is in lots of Defaults.Modes
directories in ColoursStd and ColoursAlt files, in lines which say...


I can find no mention of BitMapStyle_Tabs in the SH Help file, so can
anyone suggest what is wrong and where?
When using bitmap fonts StrongEDcan display special glyphs for Ctrl and
tab characters (see Mode Choices -> Font -> Bitmap font options).

The original implementation had the special glyphs located in character
positions 0-31, with Tabs taking up the first 4 positions. This meant
that Ctrl codes 0-3 would show glyphs for Tab rather than a small hex
number like the other Ctrl codes.

Over the years I've tried various ways of fixing this; including the -
in retrospect ill-conceived - CtrlTab font style. For 4.70 this was
changed again, hopefully for the last time, where the glyphs for Tab are
now at positions 256-259, away from Ctrl code glyphs which are at 0-31.

The CtrlTab font style has been dropped from the available bitmap fonts.
However the name might still be present in the ColoursStd & ColoursAlt
files inside Defaults.Modes/UserPrefs.Modes .

To get rid of the warning the name 'CtrlTab' needs to be replaced by
'Regular'. Fortunately we can use StrongED to do this in bulk:

 - Make sure that there's no files loaded into StrongED
 - Ctrl-Drag the Modes [*] directory to the iconbar icon
 - Change Pattern to: *,**.colours*
 - Click 'Load directory'

 - Open the SnR dialogue box (s-F4)
 - Set Search to 'CtrlTab' and Replace to 'Regular' (without quotes)
 - Ensure Engine is set to 'Simple' and Scope to 'All'
 - Click 'Go' and then 'Replace all' in the 'what next' window
 - Open LoW window (Ctrl-L) and click Menu -> Save -> Save Changed

[*] You may need to do this twice, for UserPrefs and again for Defaults.
Restart StrongED when done and the warning should be gone.


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