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Re: [StrongED] searching for last word in a field

Fred Graute  wrote on 6 Dec:

> The following expressions seem to the trick, or at least they did on the
> small sample given. It's a tricky one though, took me a while to get the
> search expression right.

> search:  < * (" " @1 {\a}+ \t) @2 * >

> replace: @12 @09

I started the thread by asking whether it could be done using the tools in 
the StrongEd advanced search -- and your expression works perfectly on the 
full file.  Thanks, Fred.

My understanding of the syntax is hazy, though!

Gavin's Lua script, which also does the trick, has the advantage that it's 
now saved with a meaningful name for when I need to use it again.  It'll 
be quicker than re-figuring-out the syntax!

(That's not to say I understand the Lua syntax either.  That's another 
learning curve that still beckons.)

Jim Nagel                            www.archivemag.co.uk

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