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Re: [StrongED] searching for last word in a field

On 6 Dec 2018  Gavin Wraith <gavin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

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>           Gavin Wraith <gavin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>>Of course, Jim, you may end up with lots of people called "Esq".

> Remember also that "Vinci" is not Leonardo's surname, but the village
> he came from. A great many European surnames are multiple word
> affairs, unlike English surnames. But no doubt these are sufficiently
> infrequent in your address list, Jim.
> An exercise: what are the surnames of
> Madog Fychan ap Madog Iorwerth Goch of Creuddyn,
> Ongelmano detto Zaramella,
> Alic la Stocfysshemonger?

Tafari Makonnen?
Sally Magnusdottir?

Best wishes,


Peter Young (zfc Au) and family
Prestbury, Cheltenham, Glos. GL52, England

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