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Re: [StrongED] Editing multiple files

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          Alan Adams <alan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi
> I have a need to find all of a specific reference in a directory full of 
> files, mostly BASIC, and it's the BASIC ones I want to search.
> The strongHelp says if I drag the directory to the iconbar with control 
> help it opens a dialig allowing me to specify the file type.
> What actually opens is a dialog with two lines. The first contains *.** 
> and is editable. The second line, which seems to refer to file content, 
> isn't editable.
> How do I use this dialog please?

The syntax of the Pattern field is:

  <list of filetypes> ; <patterns to match>

Filetypes are expressed as 3-digit hex numbers, eg FFF for text or FFB
for BASIC. Multiple filetypes can be specified, seperated by spaces. To
accept all filetypes use '*' for the filetype.

The patterns are the same as those in ModeWhen files and are used to
match filenames. Two wildcards are supported '*' and '**'.

The '*' wildcard matches anything except '.' while '**' matches all.
Together they provide a simple yet powerful way of matching filenames.
Specifying '**' on its own will match all filenames.

To load all Basic files use: FFB ; **
This will recurse into any subdirectories. If this is unwanted then
specify the top directory in the pattern: FFB ; **.<top directory>.*
(without the angle brackets).


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