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Re: [StrongED] Editing multiple files

In message <6c19a66157.Alan.Adams@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
          Alan Adams <alan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>I have a need to find all of a specific reference in a directory full of 
>files, mostly BASIC, and it's the BASIC ones I want to search.

I have a program, !yal, for searching directories of text files, at
but it does not do replace. It searches for lines that contain
given patterns, and which do not contain other given patterns,
which you specify in a textfile dragged onto the iconbar icon.
Then you drag on a directory to be searched. It reports
the file and line number of matching lines.
It lets you recurse down directories and you can specify the
allowed filetypes. However, it would not take into account
BASIC line numbering or tokenization.

Gavin Wraith (gavin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
Home page: http://www.wra1th.plus.com/

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