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[StrongED] 470a13 issues


Just tried the update to 13 from 470a12 and have 2 critical issues.

firstly, why update?.. mostly I use riscos via vnc so as to collate several machines within 1 large screen

v12 has 1 annoying issue.. it will reasonably often produce an abort when saving a file if something is on the global clipboard. If you cancel, ctrl-shift-Z to clear clipboard, then save all continues OK

v13 hasn't given me time to try this as 1: if you drop a folder on the icon it produces an abort (native, not via vnc) in app space, but does eventually show some, in not all, files within the folder tree

and 2: if you have more than 1 file open and you do a ctrl-shift F to search globally (which I use  LOT) it aborts and fails.

Any thoughts? .. and is it repeatable with others?



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