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[StrongED] Suggestions for StrongMen?

Hi All,

Does anyone have any suggestions/wishes for StrongMen? At the moment I'm
doing some work on StrongMen and I would interested to know if there's
anything that people would like to see added.

So far I've added two commands to StrongMen that make it possible to
build menus that list system variables with their value in a submenu.

The first new command is:

  #ListVars   pattern

Where 'pattern' is the same as on the command line, eg '*$Dir' to list
all system variables that end with '$Dir'.

The second new command is:

  #ShowVar   name

Where 'name' is the name of a system variable. It will show the value of
the given variable. It's mainly there to support '#ListVars' but can be
used on its own.

Clicking on a variable's value sends it to the window with input focus.
An alternative could be to send it to the global clipboard instead.

If you have any suggestions, or comments on the above changes, please
let me know.


StrongED Developer

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