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[StrongED] Spellcheck in StrongED 4.70a13

With my lack of skill in typing I can't do without the spell-checker in
any text or DTP program. StrongED used to beep when I made a typo, but no
longer does that. The Help file says "...the individual StrongED modes can 

be configured to check the text as you type it. If a suspicious word is
found, StrongED will then beep and mark it and optionally also open the
spell dbox. The two options to control this can be found in the edit
section of the mode choices".

If that's there in this version of StrongED I can't find it, and no beep
occurs when I make a typo. In the BaseMode choices under "Checks" "Check
spelling as you type" is ticked, and under "Edit" there is no mention of

Is this a peculiarity of 4.70a13 or am I doing something wrong?

The beep sounds correctly in EmailEdit and in OPro, and has in fact
sounded repeatedly while I was typing this message :-(

Best wishes,


Peter Young (zfc Au) and family
Prestbury, Cheltenham, Glos. GL52, England

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