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Re: [StrongED] Programming question

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          Bob Latham <bob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Assume StrongED has a basemode window open for text only. There may
> or may not be text in the window and there may or may not be an
> associated file stored somewhere.
> Is there a way a small program of mine can send text to that window
> at the end of file / bottom of the text other than copy and paste?

You can use Wimp_ProcessKey or OS_Byte (138 or 153) to send characters
to the window with the input focus. You'll need to place the cursor at
the end of the text manually.

A more involved way is to send a StrongED_ExecCmds message to StrongED
with either the text to insert or the name of a file to insert.
See StrongED manual -> Reference section -> List of Messages.

In the latter case you can include the EndOfText function to make sure
the cursor is at end of text.


StrongED Developer

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