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Re: [StrongED] Lazy me

In message <Marcel-1.53-1014143521-d07zokP@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
          Gerard van Katwijk <g.vankatwijk@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On Sun 14 Oct, Fred Graute wrote:
> >
> > In message <574661f22elist01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> >
> > > Thanks Fred - I had a vague feeling that was the case.
> > > I would suggest that because it is normal for most apps to just drag
> > > new over old,
> >
> > I've never really liked that way of updating applications. Largely for 2
> > reasons:


> >  - It can lead to user laziness,
> I think anyone like to be lazy, meaning not want to do things that are
> more complicated than necessary. I am :-)

As am I, that's why I write programs so the computer can do the hard
work for me. :-)

Perhaps laziness wasn't the right word. It's more that if users get used
to dragging new over old then they may do this for all updates (to any
program) without ever reading any instructions.

> That also refer for one who made a program, but if you want "sell"
> things to others, that wil be more easy and is clever if you recognise
> with the laziness of "buyers".

Er, I think StrongED is unsaleable these days given the small number of
users and the amount of time I've put in (1 month shy of 18 years!) the
cost would be prohibitive. ;-)

Seriously, I appreciate what you're saying about making updates as easy
as possible but is drag new over old that much faster than rename old
and drag in new?

> > they just drag new over old without reading the instructions.
> Of course! That wil by the easy way :-)
> > This may cause issues which frustrate the user and possible also the
> > author who has to deal with requests for support - resulting from the
> > user not reading the instructions.
> So (I'm not a programmer but I think I can think logical) it should by
> handy when a program is made in a way that you can just drag new over
> old without corrupting "Choices" and things like that.

The problem is not losing choices as these are kept safely in StrED_cfg.
Diffculties arise when the internal structure of the new version differs
from the old.


StrongED Developer

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