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Re: [StrongED] Re: StrongED 4.70a13 available

In message <5746d49162cvjazz@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
          Chris Newman <cvjazz@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> In article <901a874657.jim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
>    Jim Nagel <stred@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Dave Symes  wrote on 13 Oct:
> > > What about specific setting that someone has laboured to get just
> > > right, Colours, window sizes, yadayada... What happens to all those
> > > things when you throw away one version and completely replace it with
> > > a newer one?
> > Just like other RiscOS apps, your settings stay in Choices.  If you 
> > have customized any of the default Modes, your copy remains in 
> > Choices.
> The setting I always have to change (Copy EndOfText to DeleteRight) is in the
> BaseMode ModeFile which is in !StrED_cfg as are my other basic requirements.
> My !StrED_cfg is in the same directory as !StrongED which I think was Fred's
> original suggestion.

Where StrED_cfg is placed is up to the user. Whether it's in Choices or
next to StrongED it will be found and used.

If someone wants to run different versions of StrongED then it's easier
to have each StrED_cfg next to the version it belongs to.

> I always use a fresh copy of !StrED_cfg as well as !StrongED in case that's
> been updated with the main programme. It would be helpful for Fred to state
> whether !StrED_cfg needs to be updated or we can carry on with the current
> one. 'Twould save much faffing about.

The Obey file that sets up StrongED's read and write paths will check
the version of StrED_cfg and will alert the user if it's too old. If no
warning appears then you can safely carry on using the 'old' StrED_cfg.

StrongED 4.70a12 shipped with StrED_cfg 1.03, 4.70a13 comes with 1.04
which has minor changes. By accident 4.70a12 included an older version.

When StrED_cfg needs to be updated then there will instructions in the
download on how to do this. If there's a new version and you'd like to
update even if it's not required, use the following:

 - Rename/move old StrED_cfg
 - Copy new StrED_cfg in its place
 - Open old StrED_cfg application directory
 - Open new StrED_cfg application directory
 - Copy UserPrefs directory from old to new


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